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Kelly Swift of Sweetie Pie Pets has been raising Chihuahuas since 2001. Her love of Chihuahuas led her down an unexpected path. In 2015 Kelly started a YouTube channel. She and her husband publish bi-weekly videos of dog related product reviews, DIY, training tips, and fun adventures.

If you enjoy Sweetie Pie Pets videos, please consider purchasing merchandise to help support the channel. Kelly designs each of the products herself so you will not find any of these items elsewhere. Try the phone case. Kelly says it’s her favorite.

Due to COVID, orders are taking longer than normal to fulfill. Please be patient while our fulfillment center works as quickly and safely as possible. Shipping times are also extended, since some shipments are international. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please keep in mind you may not receive your order for several weeks.
Phone cases and jewelry orders currently have the quickest turnaround. Thank you so much for your understanding.

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